Takeki Muto a contemporary music composer is also as known as Ygal the
singer. His song selections, based on a contemporary music composer
and his sexy warm voice are established. There are many fans, who are
fascinated his literary charm music. He also comes through music for
many artists. He got classical musicians for his band, and started
“Ygal et L’oiseau Naif.” Also, he plays the piano in a cabaret jazz
band “femme est femme.” And he is also flourished as a pianist,
accompanist, model and actor.


イーガルとロヮゾー・ナイフ Ygal et L’oiseau Naif


Ygal et L’oiseau Naif

Ygal et L’oiseau Naif is sat up with a vocalist Ygal and classical
musicians Chieko Kikuchi (Piano) and Yoichi Ogido (Bass) in 2008. In 2009,Masa(Guitar) and Kyoko Arita (Drums) joined, the band brushes round live houses in Japanmainly. L’oiseau Naif means Sincere Bird=Solemn Bird in French. And their music is sometimes based on Rakugo, which is Japanese comedy, and literatures, and the music let audiences feel a sense of fun.