東京生まれ。バークリー音楽院にて学位取得。作曲家。作曲を、菊池幸夫、Vok Klenovich、Jim Smith、John Bavicchiの各氏に師事。ピアノを武藤美奈子、Doug Johnsonの各氏に師事。


2008 ピアノソナタ
2007 2台のピアノとパーカッションのための「不実な美女」(4ps委嘱作品)
2007 ピアノ4手のための「舟歌」(スワベック・コバレフスキ委嘱作品)
2005 バレエ「妖精物語」(クラシックバレエスタジオ「ラ・プリマ」委嘱作品)


Takeki Muto

Born in Tokyo. He got B.A. from Berklee College of Music Boston,
U.S.A. He studied composition with Yukio Kikuchi, Vok Klenovich, Jim
Smith, John Bavicchi, studied playing the piano with Minako Muto, Doug
His compositions are played in concerts from home and abroad and also
sat up in Ballet, Stage play, Movie and so on, and they are appraised
in the traditionalism and the radicalism.
Awards: Sony Audio Award, JSCM composition award etc


2008 Piano Sonata
2007 Belles Infidèles for 2pianos and percussions
2007 Barcarolle for 4 hands piano
2005 ballet: Fairy Tale
2004 Essence of Bergamot for Piano, Clarinet and Shamisen with singing
2002 Hiki for Flute and Cello



現代音楽と、現代の音楽―「の」一文字で築かれた無形の壁は、向き合う角度によって音の性格をありありと映す鏡の一面を持つ。“現代音楽”の伝統に則った八割の慎重さと、そこに注がれた“現代の音楽”に連なる二割の激しさで構成される武藤健城の楽曲は、時に演劇的な、肉体を与えられた音が姿美しく舞うかのようなイメージを抱かせる。 紡いでゆく工程においておそらく内面で繰り広げられる諍いを些かも感じさせることなく、「の」というさかい(境)を越えて流れる序破急の調べは、恋にも似て、どこか懐かしくもまたいつまでも色褪せぬ―ときめきの心音だ。(三浦広平/演劇評論家)

無調ながらも旋律の多く出現する武藤健城の作品には、人間には内面があると宣言された後の表現者の厳密な態度が常にある。管・弦楽器に加え、和楽器、声など扱いにくい素材を多く採り、『ベルガモツトの香料』では大手拓次の詩を甘い呼び声として、時の壁画を描き切ることに成功している。聴く者の心に立ち入り、明日の在りかを指し示し続けてやまない。作曲家とは彼の名であり、楽曲とはつまり鮮やかな待ち合わせである。 (鈴木佐知/歌人)



Contemporary music and music of contemporary-There is the immaterial wall as “of” the one word. The wall can be also a mirror that music notes are reflected to diverse angles. Music of Takeki Muto is constructed with 80% of discretion from “contemporary music” and 20% of passion from “music of contemporary.” His music has sometimes dramatic impressions as music notes are given their own body and dance. The music doesn’t let audience think about conflicted process of composing. The melody has “Jo” the introduction, “Ha” the violation and “Kyu” the development, which is like as the system of Japanese traditional stage play. And sometimes the channel let us feel love. The sound is a throb.
(Kohei Miura/Theater critic)

His music is basically atonal but has a certain melody. It declares as
the very strict behavior of an expressionist that Human has an inner
face. With basic classical instruments and Japanese traditional ones
and also voices, he often uses very subtle instruments. Especially, in
his masterpiece “Essence of Bergamot,” he succeed to create a Wall
painting=Sound painting. His music interposes our mind and keeps
declaring our future. Composer is his name and his compositions are
the deft meeting between human and music.
(Sachi Suzuki/Poet)